Video Marketing Strategy Workshop Intensive

If you're ready to increase your conversion results by up to 10x, then you need to...  


October 5th through 7th, 2018 (The Scott Resort and Spa - Scottsdale, Arizona)

A Dynamic Start-to-Finish Roadmap for your Online Marketing Campaigns. Designed To Increase Your Current Conversion Results Up to 10x.

The internet is filled with brillant videos produced by people like you who have amazing content to share. The reality is that very few videos actually produce the results you have come to expect from all of the hype about video marketing. 

The major problem that holds back the potential results your video could produce is a lack of strategy in creating the video and the absence of a marketing campaign based around the video. 

The major obstacle to solving this problem is usually a result of tech overwhelm and information overload - online marketing technology is always evolving and too much information is out there on the web!

So what can you do today to break through and create a strategy that produces up to 10x more conversions than you have been experiencing?


By the end of the workshop, you'll have a clear path from start-to-finish to create your own strategic video marketing campaign that will produce stellar results for you. Leave behind the frustration of tech overwhelm and information overload. 

You can concentrate on getting the job done right! Build Bigger Audiences Convert More Viewers into Leads Convert More Leads into Sales Convert More Buyers into Raving Fans!  

You'll leave this workshop with a Video Marketing Framework that will allow you to complete a strategic campaign in 30 days enabling you to swiftly begin to see the increased results on your time and dollar investment in this workshop.  

 So who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for you if...

  • You don't have a strategic marketing plan using video or you want to supercharge your existing campaign. 
  • Your videos have an audience, but few viewers are converting to leads or clients. 
  • You're having trouble building an audience to view your videos and fill your funnel.
  • You're frustrated with tech overwhelm and information overload. You need help choosing and utilizing the right resources.
Workshop Attendees

You deserve to command a bigger audience that converts at a stellar rate. Here's how this workshop will get you there! 

Day One The Plot

Day 1: Your Goals  

Be clear about the steps to go from recording a video to creating an attention grabbing, motivating video. Know you're using the right tools, telling the compelling story and putting the finishing touches to the video.


  • HOW TO use the tools, tech, and equipment to create a video using 3 proven methods so that you can create videos on any budget with any equipment.  
  • HOW TO tell the story so that your video will grab the viewer's attention, motivate the viewer to take an action and yield higher conversion results.  
  • HOW TO perform the finishing touches using editing software and special effects, so that your final video output is professional from start to finish.


  • THE PLOT: A COMPLETE WORKBOOK FOR DAY 1, so that you can take notes during the sessions.
  • THE PLOT RESOURCE GUIDE AND MORE - a listing showing how to obtain everything demonstrated at at the three sessions. Additional suggested resources so that you can successfully reproduce the processess learned in the sessions.
  • VIDEO SESSION GUIDE AND LAYOUT BLUEPRINTS, so you can create an 'in-office" studio.
  • VIDEO EDITING/SPECIAL EFFECTS GUIDE, so that you can reproduce the processes learned in the sessions.
  • STORYBOARD/SCRIPT FRAMEWORKS so that you can create your own storyboard and scripts for each video you produce,


  • Registration
  • Continental Breakfast 
  • Session 1: How To - Tech/Tools/Tips
  • Break 
  • Session 2: How To - Tell the Story


  • Lunch and Learn - Maryellen Smith
  • Session 3: Finishing Touches
  • Break
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Happy Hour


  • Dinner  
  • Keynote Speaker Heather Dopson
  • Daily Door Prize 
  • Questions and Answers

"Taking the workshop from PowerVision360 has been a revelation in terms of quality of service provided, plus the connectivity between the providers and students in the course... Brad and Suzanne are a superb communicators, able to relate to each of the students on a personal level. I would recommend this course to anyone that needs to improve communication and video skills in the digital age." -----Brian Batchelor, Business Owner 

Day 2 The Production

Day 2: Your Goals  

Smoothly traverse the conversion marketing cycle with video. Understand the 7 types of marketing video so that you communicate your exact message to your viewer. Choose the right platform(s) for your audience, use the best business practices for each platform.  


  • HOW TO integrate video into the conversion marketing cycle, so that you can take advantage of the extra trust and connection that video provides the viewer in the perception of you and your company.  
  • WHAT types of video work best in a concerted marketing plan, so that your conversion results are optimized.  
  • WHICH platforms are best suited for different audiences and video types so that you spend your time and dollar resources on reaching the viewers who will convert to leads and ultimately to customers.


  • THE PRODUCTION: A COMPLETE WORKBOOK FOR DAY 2, so that you can take notes during the sessions.
  • THE PRODUCTION RESOURCE GUIDE AND MORE: a listing showing how to obtain everything demonstrated at at the three sessions. Additional suggested resources so that you can successfully reproduce the processess learned in the sessions.
  • SAMPLE VIDEO SET: One for each of 7 types of videos with storyboards and scripts so that you have a starting point for your own video production.
  • BLUEPRINT: Conversion Marketing Cycle, so that you can create a path for your own conversion goals.


  • Registration
  • Continental Breakfast 
  • Session 4: Why - The Conversion Cycle
  • Break 
  • Session 5: What - Types of Videos 


  • Lunch & Keynote Speaker - Dan Tyre
  • Session 6: Where - The Platforms
  • Break
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Happy Hour


  • Dinner 
  • Keynote Speaker - Suzette Allen 
  • Daily Door Prize 
  • Questions and Answers
Wolfgang Dodd

It would be very likely that I would take another workshop from PowerVision360 Productions – I had a really good time, learned a lot and can’t wait for the next one so I can go out and learn even more techniques. -----Wolfgang Dodd, Art Institute Graduate  

Day three the performance

Day 3: Your Goals

Be clear with organizing, preparing & optimizing all of the resources needed to create the video marketing campaign. Be able to lead your viewers through an automated experience funnel on a clear path to your planned outcome. Be clear with the 30 Day Framework to move from start to finish. Begin your a strategic video marketing plan. 


  • How to choose and organize the right video and marketing resources for the specific strategic goal of the campaign so that you can effectively create your video marketing campaign efficiently.  
  • How to build a reliable and repeatable marketing experience funnel using video so that your campaign can be continuously launched, measured and reach your conversion goals at a predictable rate.
  • How to create your strategic video markeitng campaign from start to finish using our 30 Day Stratgic Marketing Campaign Framework so that you can increase conversions to meet your set goals for the campaign.


  • THE PERFORMANCE: A COMPLETE WORKBOOK FOR DAY 3, so that you can take notes during the sessions.
  • THE PERFORMANCE RESOURCE GUIDE AND MORE - a listing showing how to obtain everything demonstrated at at the three sessions. Additional suggested resources so that you can successfully reproduce the processess learned in the sessions.
  • THE 30 DAY FRAMEWORK TO SUCCESSFUL VIDEO MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. A daily list of activities required to produce the campaigin in 30 days.
  • 3 EXPERIENCE FUNNEL BLUEPRINTS - Choose the experience that matches your goals. Create an audience, convert viewers into leads and leads into customers.


  • Registration
  • Continental Breakfast 
  • Session 7: Gathering Resources
  • Break 
  • Session 8: Designing the Funnel 


  • Lunch & Learn - To Be Announced
  • Session 9A: The 30 Day Framework
  • Break
  • Session 9B: The 30 Day Framework
  • Next Steps
  • Daily Door Prize


Be one of the first 12 people to sign up and you will receive our VIP Package which includes:  

  • Pre-Workshop One Hour Group Planning Session so that you are fully prepared to take advantage of the workshop once you arrive.
  • Post-Workshop One Hour Individual Coaching Session so that you can leverage all that you learned at the workshop.
  • VIP Seating Area with our guests lecturers and instructors
  • VIP Upgraded Happy Hour Ticket- for extra fun.
  • A $997 value


Supercharge Your Workshop Experience 

Your time with us doesn't end when you leave on Sunday afternoon.  

  • Questions and answers from the workshop.  
  • Review progress on the 30 Day Framework.
  • Update tools and tips.
  • A $249 value. 
Group Coaching Call
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BONUS #4: Complementary 3 Month Membership  

Burst Marketing Accelerator Lab  

  • Discussion forum to post questions, get feedback on your progress.  
  • Stay up to date with Video Marketing Knowledge 
  • Network with other professonals like yourself.
  • Access to online marketing tools and tips.
  • Software Discounts and Trials.
  • A $149 value. 


On Friday and Saturday night we have some down time while the hotel staff convert the room from classroom to dinner banquet so we thought we would treat you to Happy Hour.

Friday and Saturday Night Hotel Bar and Lounge 

  • Network with your fellow professional business owners. 
  • Meet and Greet our keynote speakers.
  • Relax - you've been going at it all day. 
Scott Bar

Guest Speakers & Lecturers

MaryEllen Smith

Friday Lunch Lunch & Learn MaryEllen Smith Content/Script Writer 

Heather Dopson

Friday Dinner Keynote Speaker Heather Dopson GoDaddy Community Builder

Dan Tyre

Saturday Lunch Keynote Speaker Dan Tyre Vice President - Hubspot  

Suzette Allen

Saturday Dinner Keynote Speaker Suzette Allen Panasonic Luminary Adobe Influencer  


Heidi Mixon

"I was so excited when I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Feinberg. He shared his knowledge... freely and in a comprehensive manner. He was always pleasant and fun to be around, even on job sites outside in the middle of the summer. My professional career as a photographer has certainly been enhanced by Brad’s investment in me! " -----Heidi Mixon, Studio 3 Images

Wendy Turner

"I have learned valuable marketing skills from both Brad and Suzanne that produce results that attract clients. They are excellent instructors and have a wealth of knowledge in both technical and marketing resources to boost the bottom line. I am excited to hear that they are offering more business and video oriented workshops." -----Wendy Turner, Photographer and Business Owner

Patricia Young

"Thank you for an amazing Session! I'm not tech savvy and Suzanne's step-by-step coaching was exactly what I needed. She listened to my needs and effectively delivered a session that helped me accomplish my online goals."

 ----- Patricia Young, Fashion Instructor and Online Course Provider

Jim Zuckerman

"What I especially appreciated most was Suzanne's ability to help me in marketing my business. She has a vast knowledge about social marketing, search engine optimization, and how to target my own audience. She worked tirelessly to get the job done on time, and she's a pleasure to work with. She had so many ideas to help me develop my business that she surpassed my expectations in every way." -----Jim Zuckerman, Photographer, Int'l PhotoTours and Workshops  


  "I learned a great deal from Brad Feinberg about how to best market my product to bring in the most business... I appreciated all the advice and business knowledge that Brad shared with me. I learned a great deal from him." ----- Theresa Sander, Independent Consultant, Creative Design Business 

Mark Weisberg

“Suzanne Feinberg is a marketing maven...with a rock-solid marketing skill set! She is an incredible person who goes not just the extra mile for her client, but the extra 100 miles. If you are looking for a person of true won’t find a better person to help you grow your business.” ----- Marc Weisberg, Architectural Photographer & Educator 

Are you ready to start your strategic video marketing campaign in a big way, attract your perfect clients, and start earning a return on your investment.  

JOIN US at this 3 Day Workshop Intensive in Scottsdale, AZ. Workshop Tuition: $2,497. 

Your Workshop Leaders

Brad Feinberg

Students love working wtih Brad because he understands how to listen to their questions and gives them the answers that solve their problems. The combination of a business background with over 10 years in photography and video production give Brad a unique perspective on strategic marketing campaigns using video. You can find Brad's work on many television productions. Often asked to be a guest speaker at professional associations, Brad is an adjunct faculty member of the Art Institute (Phoenix Campus) in the Media Arts Department. Brad has a Masters Degree from the School of Architecture of the University of Michigan as well as an MBA from the Thunderbird School. 

Suzanne Feinberg

For the last ten years, Suzanne has concentrated on helping students and clients get past the frustration of tech overwhelm and information overload found in the online marketing industry. She has successfully coached and instructed students from all over the world using her certifications which include: Certified Conversion Marketing Consultant, Certified, Search Marketing Specialist and Content Marketing Specialist. Her relationship with many vendors helps to create a clear path to solutions that can be integrated and automated. 

The Workshop will be held at the luxury Scott Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scott Lobby


  • How many participants will be accepted? The workshop is limited to a maximum of 35 participants.
  • When is the workshop? The workshop begins on Friday morning, October 5, 2018 at 7:45 am with registration, a welcome continental breakfast, distribution of the day's worksheets and workbooks, and an Introduction to the Workshop. The workshop ends on Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm
  • What airport and transportation arrangements should you make? The closest airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHO). Plan on arriving on Thursday night so that you don't miss any sessions on Friday morning. When you leave on Sunday, make your flight arrangements to be sometime after 7:00pm to allow enough time to finish the workshop and get to the airport in time for your flight. Airport transfers from the airport to your hotel are not incuded, so we suggest a shuttle service or Uber to bring you to Scottsdale which should range in price from $35 - $50 each way. Transportation from your hotel to the Scott Resort and Spa is not included, so we suggest that you take Uber/Lyft rides if you are staying close to the hotel.
  • What hotels are recommended for your stay in Scottsdale? Overnight accomodations at a hotel are not included in the workshop tuition. If you do not stay in one of the recommended hotels, we suggest you locate yourself in Downtown Scottsdale there are many upscale and boutique resorts as well as Airbnb's close to the workshop venue. Be sure to check the discount hotel sites for the best pricing. The Scott Resort and Spa: Our Base of operations - 4925 N. Scottsdale Road Embassy Suites: Across the street at 5001 N Scottsdale Road, an easy 2 minute walk to the Scott. Best Western Plus Sundial: 7320 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale. - About 1 mile from the Scott (Definitely Walkable).
  • Do we suggest you extend your stay? YES. Scottsdale is one of the finest destinations in the United States for museums, restaurants, hiking, art galleries, and many other activities. 
  • What meals, snacks and drinks are included in the workshop? We love good food and we picked the Scott Resort and Spa because the food is excellent and plentiful. Included are the breakfasts for all three days of the workshop. Also included for all three days are the lunches. Dinner is include on Friday and Saturday night along with a keynote speaker at the nightime sessions. Between the workshop and the dinner, we will have an hour break to change over the room, so we will provide you with drink tickets for Happy Hour at the Hotel Bar and Lounge. Finally, iced and hot coffee and tea will be served all day. All other drinks are on a cash basis.
  • What if you have special diet requirements? Don't worry about this. We chose the Scott Resort because they handle food allergies with special care. We will be sending you a meal survey shortly after registration so that you can let us know of any special needs. 
  • What is the weather forecast? October is still quite warm and you can expect temperatures to range as high as 92 degrees during the day and be in the 60's in the evening. 
  • What clothing should you bring? The Scott Resort and Spa is a luxury resort and as such we recommend business casual for the workshop. The resort is airconditioned so we recommend layers for your comfort. 
  • What equipment should you bring? This is a classroom oriented workshop with many demonstrations. You will not need video equipment unless you want to bring it. You will have a workbook to take session notes. We suggest smart phones for social media live and other moments you may want to share with friends and colleagues. We will be distributing demo software for both Mac and PC based systems, so your computer or tablet should be able to accept USB jump drive. Internet access is provided for free, but it is not particularly fast. We will also be providing electric outlets for you to recharge your electronic devices.
  • What is your refund policy? Our refund policy is as follows: Cancel by July 5th, 2018 - 100% of your tuition will be refunded. Cancel by August 5th, 2018 - 75% of your tuition will be refunded. Cancel by September 5th, 2018 - 50% of your tuition will be refunded. After September 5th - no refunds, however your registration is transferrable to another person of your choice.
  • More questions? EMAIL US 

Are you ready to start your strategic video marketing campaign in a big way, attract your perfect clients, and start earning a return on your investment.  

JOIN US at this 3 Day Workshop Intensive in Scottsdale, AZ. Workshop Tuition: $2,497.